In September, Greta Gober had the opportunity to present the results of the project “Diversity Management as an Innovation in Journalism” to women and individuals working in the film and television industries worldwide. Greta attended the Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI) SUMMIT 2023, which took place in Helsinki at the spectacular Hanaholmen Cultural Centre.

On Saturday, September 23, Dr. Gober participated in the first session on Gender Equality Catch-up, during which she discussed the state of equality in the Polish film and television industry. On the second day of the Summit, Greta presented the project’s results in a parallel session titled “The Imperative and the Impossibility of Managing Diversity: Lessons from an international research project on Managing Newsroom Diversity to advance social inclusion in the media”.

Both presentations were based on the findings of the Norway-grants funded research project. The first session focused on the situation of diversity and equality in the Polish film and television industry, while the parallel session addressed the broader challenge of innovation catching up with the field of diversity management. The objective was to address the diversity management puzzle and provide practical solutions to promote social inclusion in the film and television industries.

The full programme of the WIFTI Summit 2023 can be found here.