When? Tuesday, 30 May 2023, 11:10 – 12:40 Toronto/Canada time

Where? Online and on-site St. Michael’s college, Toronto

Who? Greta Gober, Principal investigator in Norway-grants funded “Diversity management as innovation in journalism” research project (2021-2023)

More than 60 scholars registered for the post-conference on “Epistemic Injustice and Authenticity in the Media“, a one-day conference on the multiple faces of research in this area.

The conference is looking at the role knowledge and science play with regard to a more socially just and sustainable society in media ethics and in neighboring disciplines. Presently there are discussions on why the current structures of knowledge generation and communication are violent in themselves and how transformation processes can be successful. While both practical and intercultural philosophy offer approaches to questioning and deconstructing universalisms, media ethics provides an understanding of how master narratives shape societal perceptions of knowledge and science. How do even these approaches exert epistemic violence and thereby obstruct the vision of greater participation and socio-ecological justice? How does an inclusive understanding of knowledge relate to the value of authenticity? Can the ethics of authenticity help to overcome epistemic injustice?

The conference is organized by Claudia Paganini (Munich U of Philosophy, Germany) ■ Lars Rademacher (Darmstadt U of Applied Sciences, Germany) ■ Paolo Granata (U of Toronto, Canada)

The program of the ICA post conference can be found here.