In May 2022, we launched the final project’s fieldwork to map newsrooms’ diversity practices in the United Kingdom.

Following our research application and the fieldwork schedule, Greta and Michał went for almost a week-long trip to London to map Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives and practices in selected news organizations in the UK. The case study of the United Kingdom was chosen due to its colonial legacy, Anglo-Saxon solid management tradition and the liberal (North Atlantic) cultural path-dependencies of media regulation and self-regulation. The case study of Britain has been put on the schedule also due to the market size (large European media market) and the progressive digital and data-driven strategies of many of the UK’s media organizations. Finally, London is regarded as one of the best European cities for digital entrepreneurs, creative industries, and the high tech, which constantly challenge the legacy (print, radio, TV) news structures and place community-oriented organizational management at the core of its working values.

During our trip to the UK (May 23–27, 2022), we aimed to map D&I practices in UK’s media organizations, to eventually select four or five organizations for an in-depth study (interviews and diary interviews). Several of UK’s media and diversity experts and scholars assisted our selections. Our sample includes the BBC, The Guardian and ITV, alongside insights from the Thomson Reuters, media experts and alternative media outlets. The team intends to complete the data gathering phase of the project (interviews and ‘diary’ interviews) by the end of September 2022.

We want to thank all the interview participants for their time and enthusiasm in supporting our study. We are also happy to announce that Tarek Virani (University of West England, Bristol) and Yasir Mirza (Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Financial Times), have both agreed to join the project’s Advisory Board to further advice and assist our team in the next stages of the project. We are very much looking forward to this exiting collaboration! 

This coffee bus captures our project’s motto perfectly 🙂