Establishing an Advisory Board was one of the project’s critical objectives.

The international and interdisciplinary team of senior experts plays a critical role in the project’s successful implementation, fieldwork & dissemination of findings.

From the onset the project was planned as a collaboration between the projects’ core Research Team, the Advisory Board and the Network of Project’s Partners. Our objective was to bring together a cohesive team of national and international senior experts assembled under the project in recognition of its urgency. Each expert brings to the project unique expertise, their own networks, and appropriate levels of ‘in kind’ labor, helping enhance the methodological tools and theory as well as support the project’s validation and dissemination of findings.

We are grateful to our experts for accepting our invitation and joining the Project’s Advisory Board. Poland: Margaret Amaka Ohia-Nowak (The Diversity Hub) & Sandra Subel (Axel Springer), Sweden: Sayaka Osanami Törngren (Malmö University) & Christian Christensen (Stockholm University) and International experts Karen Donders (VRT, Belgium) & Julie Posetti (the International Center for Journalists, USA).